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Bust a Move, Hollywood-style

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Karen Janigan is a marketing and communications officer with the Foundation

I am so pumped about the news that Paula Abdul is going to be the celebrity to lead the last hour of Bust a Move on March 26, 2011.

This year, Bust a Move will jumpstart the next phase of a world-class Breast Health Centre, which will be located at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. Bringing diagnostic and surgical care together will make each patient’s experience easier and bring specialists and practitioners together in one collaborative breast health facility.

The energy is already flowing for this event, and I felt some of it today at the launch announcement for Bust a Move. When the familiar tapping at the beginning of Straight Up video followed host Tina Simpkin’s set-up, the buzz in the theatre began to grow louder. Really? Was it going to be Paula Abdul?

Yes! And Paula (see how I get on a first name basis with her already?) is going to choreograph and lead the last hour of exercise.  The energy in the room was already high, and the announcement of her participation put people over the top.

And Paula has gone further than that: register before November 30 for a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to a meet-and-greet with Paula Abdul and a $1,000 gift certificate from Mills.

Additionally, the first 20 people who raise more than $5,000 individually will be invited up on stage with Paula for the last hour. That may seem like an impossibly goal, but people are amazingly generous if you only ask. As well, the team format means that groups can fund-raise together and have fun as well as put themselves over the top.

The honourary chair of Bust a Move is Sarah MacDonald, an executive vice-president at Emera. She really laid down the corporate gauntlet at the launch by challenging other companies to try to surpass Emera in recruiting employees and fundraising. Last year they had a team of 42; this year they are aiming for 100. Additionally, Emera will match the first $500 of each employee’s fundraising. If Sarah is as determined as she appears to be that could mean $50,000 is rapidly turned into $100,000. A huge boost for a one-stop integrated breast health centre in Halifax.

And speaking of boosts, the event is going to be held at the Canada Games Centre at Clayton Park. Representative Brian Lane showed a video concept of the new centre, and besides being spacious and bathed in natural light it has a state-of-the-art floor that will absorb some of the shock of this body bouncing on my feet. I also have my eye on the waterslide that twists outside the venue before dumping into the pool. (Now if it could just dump into the hydrotherapy facility!)

All this excitement may be just the ticket to get my butt through the six hours of exercise. And let’s face it; I could barely walk and golf 18 holes a few weeks ago, so this will be very interesting. And if I can commit to doing it, so can you!

So bust a move. www.bustamove.ca


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