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Doggone good!

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Grace McCrea, 11, Emma Keough, 11, Mary-Cate Driscoll-Sangster, 9 and Sylvia Driscoll-Sangster, 11 donated $300 to the IWK Foundation.

We live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We go to Sacred Heart School of Halifax and Inglis Street Elementary School.

This summer we got together and decided we wanted to run a business to raise money for the IWK and we wanted it to involve animals.

We later realized that there are all kinds of dogs that go by our houses to get to the park. So, we thought that it would be a good idea to do something with dogs.

At first we wanted to do dog washing or dog walking, but we decided that they would be difficult because some dogs don’t like baths and some dogs pull on the leash. So, in the end we decided to do homemade dog biscuits.

We wanted to help the IWK because we appreciate the many things that the IWK does to help sick children.

Your supporters,

Emma, Grace, Mary Cate, and Sylvia


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