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Spirit is wide and deep

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The members of EnCana’s East Coast Crew paid a visit to Ronald McDonald House Family Room in the IWK Health Centre to commemorate their amazing fund-raising feat on behalf of both institutions.

They won the beautiful crystal Spirit Award for being the team that raised the most money for the 15th and final Medavie Blue Cross Canoe Challenge, held this past summer. The team raised $56, 521 of the $120,000 collected this year, and were happy to meet in the Family Room and pose for this picture.

Over the 15 years this event has raised a total of $1,545,000, split between Ronald McDonald House Atlantic Canada and the IWK Foundation. To see video of the team introducing themselves, go to:


Front Row (sitting) (L-r): Steve Sayle, Azadeh Entesarian, Shelly Best, Ronald MacDonald; Middle Row (standing) (l-r) Jesse Carroll, Marielle Thillet, William Zukiwski; Back Row (l-r): Scott Allan, Mark Trueman, Rob Bohan, Mark Ashworth, Will Cruickshank.

A note about the sculpture from the Nova Scotia Crystal sums up the name of the award:  Spirit.

This handmade crystal sculpture was created to honour the team that raises the most money in the Medavie Blue Cross Canoe Challenge. Called Spirit, the piece artistically captures the spirit of the two beneficiaries, Ronald McDonald House and the IWK Health Centre.

At the literal and figurative heart of the sculpture is a family. At the centre of the family is a small figure representing a child undergoing life-saving treatment. In a rare use of colour, a swirl of blue pigment symbolizes the child’s spirit.  In these extreme ordeals, it is often the spirit of the child that sustains and gives strength to the surrounding family members and caregivers.

The family is embraced and sheltered in two gently curving crystal shields, one representing the sanctuary of the Ronald McDonald House with the other soaring skyward to represent the healing work of the IWK. While the two structures are independent, they unite at the base, representing the combined effort. The deep vertical cuts represent the support given to families, while the sideways figure eight straddles both sides symbolizing the common goals of the two organizations.


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