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Michelle White is a communications and speci al projects officer with the IWK Foundation

Change Bandit Heroes. Ella and Charlie are Change Bandit Heroes. Ella was interviewed during a live broadcast from Champlain Place in Moncton, to view click here. To see Charlie recording a promo at C100 click here

This year’s HRM Change Bandit Hero, Charlie who challenges all schools, businesses, groups or individuals to round up some spare change – or host your own fundraiser – and help him raise $70,000 to purchase a piece of priority equipment for the Pediatric Operating Suites at the IWK Health Centre!

Seven-year-old Charlie was born four months early, weighing just over a pound. Immediately diagnosed with a heart murmur and collapsed lung, Charlie was placed in an incubator and required a ventilator to help him breathe.

For the next two months, Charlie’s condition was unstable. With a fighting determination, he was soon able to breathe on his own with some assistance. Charlie continued to grow stronger and after four long months, went home for the first time, on his actual due date.  Today, it is hard to see any signs of the struggles Charlie had when he was born.

This year’s Greater Moncton Change Bandit is six-year-old Ella who wants to raise $12,000 to purchase three Smart Pumps for the IWK Health Centre. Smart Pumps are used on newborns like Ella who was 12 weeks early and weighed less than three pounds.

She was rushed to the IWK by Life Flight and spent the first three months of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where she had heart surgery, neurosurgery and required a ventilator to breathe until she was two and a half months old. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at one, Ella’s growth and development was monitored through the IWK’s Perinatal Follow-up Program until she was three.

To join Charlie and Ella as a Change Bandit Hero  go to http://iwkfoundation.org/radiothon.


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