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Off the air, but forever with us

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Karen Janigan is a senior communications officer with the IWK Foundation

Working at the 10th annual IWK Radiothon on C100 FM was better than a mid-winter pick-me-up. Okay, it wasn’t exactly sipping fruit juice by a pool in the tropical locale – in fact we were postponed a day because of brutal weather. But working the radiothon, seeing that we raised nearly $290,000, hearing the stories, talking to some of the young Change Bandits was refreshing for the soul.

The stories of the young patients usually bring tears to my eyes and fill me with awe at their courage and the words of their parents and caregivers, who sound so brave and optimistic. Definitely a case of playing the hand that is dealt with an astounding amount of grace.

What definitely uplifts me and provides me that psychological shot in the arm, is meeting the people – both young and not-so-young – who pitch in to raise money for the IWK Health Centre. I was privileged to meet quite a few of them during the radiothon, as I shot videos for our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheIWKFoundation

Ethan steeling himself for the first cut

As an example, I was very touched by Ethan who agreed to have his head shaved to help the Henderson-Sweetman Youth Committee of the Family Military Resource Centre raise money for Change Bandits. Only 12,  Ethan said he was inspired because a friend of his had a baby who died. The good news, is that he looks pretty good almost bald. Check it out for yourself.

20 pounds lighter with Moya and Brad of C100

The hosts from C100 were all totally dedicated to the cause: Moya, Peter and Brad of the Breakfast Club, and Zach, Debbie and Matt, who hosted much of the afternoon. You can see that they are doing this because they care.

Compassion extended from the smallest child to employees of the largest organizations and companies themselves.

If you want to share in a little positive humanity and joy, after the fact, go to our YouTube channel and feel good about your community. If you feel so moved, feel free to make a donation. The radiothon may be off the air, but the event will forever have a positive impact on the care given by the IWK Health Centre.


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