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A fond farewell

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Gena Walton with Robbie Shaw (in his judge's attire)

Gena Walton is the Chief Administrative Officer at the IWK Foundation

This week I said goodbye to a great boss who will remain a great friend for years to come.

For five years, Robbie Shaw has provided excellence in leadership which has changed the culture, strategy, and results of the IWK Foundation.

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to work for someone like Robbie.  His door was always open.  He enabled and empowered the people around him.  He truly cared about every member of the Foundation team – not just in a professional capacity, but personally as well. His authenticity, honesty and transparency put him in a league of his own, and inspired others around him to adopt these same values.

Among the many things I will miss about Robbie are his sense of humour and zest for life.  He has had pink hair, no hair; he’s dressed up as a judge and as Gene Simmons – all for the greater good of the IWK Health Centre.  He has Busted a Move (twice) and travelled to every corner of the Maritimes to meet donors and support Foundation events.

Oh, and as some of you will know, Robbie’s laughter fills a room.  On more than one occasion it has filled this office with great joy.  I’ll miss that too.

And I can’t forget to mention Robbie’s wife, Jean – a true gem who has become a dear friend to the Foundation.  Jean has counted change, baked for bake sales, networked at events, registered donors at Telethon, hosted staff at her cottage and most importantly, kept Robbie happy (which made it better for all of us in the long run).

I know we’ll see Robbie and Jean throughout the year at various IWK Foundation events – they are lifetime supporters of the IWK.  We will all miss Robbie but know it’s relationships such as these that last a lifetime.  We wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.


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