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Félicitations, Lucille!

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Lucille Cormier receives a Bonjour! Award of Excellence from the Honourable Graham Steele, Minister of Acadian Affairs in Nova Scotia

We love it when special people receive special recognition.  Our friend, Lucille Cormier, was recently recognized by the Nova Scotia Department of Acadian Affairs for her outstanding contribution to french-language programs and services.

Lucille is the co-ordinator of the IWK Health Centre’s bilingual services program. She provides a vital link between francophone families from around the Maritimes and their caregivers at the IWK. Lucille also tries to introduce francophone families to each other, especially those who are spending long periods of time at the IWK.

Lucille’s job is her passion, and it shows.

Bilingual Services is just one example of the types of programs funded by the IWK Foundation. A general, non-specified donation to the Foundation ensures this service – and many others – continue for Maritime families.


One thought on “Félicitations, Lucille!

  1. Lucille is a grat person. We don’t know what we would’ve done without her in our lives when we were at the IWK for 5 months.

    Félicitations Lucille, tu le mérites.

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