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Today is an exciting day.

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Jacquie Braley is a public relations intern at the IWK Health Centre Foundation and a student at Nova Scotia Community College.

Jacquie Braley listening and playing coach for KHJ in Fredericton

Today’s the day – my first hands-on experience participating in an IWK Radiothon. Eager to be a part of this fantastic fundraising event, I arrived to work at 5:30 a.m. to find my co-workers buzzing around, getting ready for our big day. It was inspirational to see how dedicated everyone was, even at that hour.

Today’s the fourth annual Astral Atlantic Radiothon, our final Radiothon of 2012. Families from Truro, Fredericton, Bathurst, Grand Falls and Woodstock are sharing their stories of how the IWK Health Centre has made a positive impact on their lives. Listeners, in turn, are digging deep and generously donating to help improve the lives of Maritime families who visit the IWK.

Our goal with this Radiothon – and all Radiothons around the Maritimes this season – is the replacement of the fleet of 19 anesthesia machines at the IWK.  These machines are the NUMBER ONE priority at the IWK Health Centre this year. Used in both the Children’s and Women’s programs throughout the IWK, these complex pieces of equipment are essential in the delivery of anesthesia care to IWK patients.

I encourage you, no matter where you are, to log-in and listen live to the amazing stories of some of our patients, such as four-year-old Kendra Fader, eight-year-old Faith Turple and two-year-old Rayne Bishop.  Their stories will touch your heart and prove how vital these anesthesia machines really are. There is something special about these children and there is something special about the IWK Health Centre.

The 4th Annual Atlantic IWK Caring for Kids Radiothon will be broadcasting live on  Big Dog 100.9 FM, Cat Country 99.5 FM, Max 104.9 FM, K93 FM, CJ104 FM, KHJ 1260 AM, Capital 106.9 FM, and The Fox 105.3 FM.  

Make a donation to the 4th Annual Atlantic IWK Caring for Kids Radiothon.  

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