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Fundraising with Flair.

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Jeff Tait is the beverage manager at Jack Astor’s in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and is the proud organizer of their annual fundraiser for the IWK Health Centre Foundation.

Jeff and Sandra Tait welcome baby Finley at the IWK.

The IWK has always held a special place in the hearts of staff and management at Jack Astor’s. For the last 14 years, Jack Astor’s has been fundraising for the IWK. This year, I have an especially personal connection. I have experienced firsthand the excellence in care that the IWK provides, with birth of our son.

The care we received at the IWK was more than we could have ever expected. Throughout our pregnancy, we visited numerous departments at the hospital. With each area we came into contact with, the staff and the atmosphere went above and beyond anything we could have expected. As all first time parents, we had millions of questions and were appreciative that Dr. Coolen, our obstetrician, always took extra time to make sure we had our answers. No matter how trivial they may have seemed. 

On April 17, 2012 with the confidence, medical expertise and great sense of humour of Dr. Rittenberg, we welcomed our safe and healthy son into this world.

The IWK has played such an important role in our lives – as it does in the lives of everyone in the Maritimes. You can’t find a single person who either has a direct experience to share or who has a family member who has witnessed the outstanding care that the IWK provides.

This is why we fundraise annually for the IWK through our bartender flair competition. Without the support of our guests, friends and community we wouldn’t have succeeded in our fundraising goals. This is an event where our suppliers, partners and the community rally together to raise funds for this incredibly vital organization. We invite you to come out to Dartmouth Crossing on May 16 and Bayer’s Lake on May 23 to enjoy a night of entertainment that you won’t see anywhere else in the city and be a part of a special fundraising night.

We are also excited to present the proceeds from this event during the IWK Telethon for Children on June 2 & 3 2012, broadcasting live on CTV Atlantic.

The IWK Telethon for Children is June 2 & 3 2012, broadcasting live on CTV Atlantic.

Make a gift to the IWK Foundation.




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