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Miracle Moms are making it happen.

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Maria Stanley, Mommy Blogger for the Children’s Miracle Network’s #MiracleMoms campaign.

Blogs are a wonderful way of connecting those who are separated geographically. They provide insight into the lives of others, and even allow us to relate to someone whom we have never met. Those who write blogs do so as a way of sharing personal stories about their life, food, fashion, career and kids. While millions of blogs are posted each day by a variety of people; one of the most influential groups of bloggers is moms.

Online mothers have carved out a real niche; they support one another, share common experiences and bounce ideas off one another. “Mommy Bloggers” are often humorous and sometimes pretty brazen.

Children’s Miracle Network has identified 11 popular Mommy Bloggers in both Canada and the United States who will be writing heartfelt stories about families who lives have been touched by children’s hospitals. The IWK Health Centre Foundation is a proud Canadian member of the Children’s Miracle Network. These Miracle Moms will be working hard to spread the word about the fabulous work that takes place at children’s hospitals across North America, and encouraging their readers to make a difference by making a donation.

We are happy to announce that over the next month, our Miracle Mom, Maria Stanley, will be sharing stories of IWK families from across the Maritimes. Please join us in welcoming Maria to the IWK Health Centre Foundation family. We encourage you to check out her blog to read about how the IWK has had a positive impact on the lives of Maritime families.

Check out Maria Stanley’s blog or follow her on Twitter @BOREDmommy.

Make a gift to the IWK Health Centre Foundation.


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