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When you donate to the IWK Health Centre Foundation, your gift changes the lives of Maritime women, children, youth and families who require specialized care services at the IWK. In our 2012 Gratitude Report you will see how, together, we are making the IWK better. 

“I love the IWK. It’s such an amazing place to be – everyone is so caring and helpful. If I had to get sick, I’m glad that it’s theIWK where I had to go to get better.” – Rebecca Boyd

Rebecca Boyd

Rebecca Boyd began experiencing excruciating pains in her back and stomach in May 2012. The 14-year-old was diagnosed with an inflammatory kidney disorder called Nephritis – a condition that usually regulates itself. Only two days after receiving the diagnosis her condition rapidly deteriorated. Rebecca was admitted and found to have a more serious type of Nephritis that requires extensive ongoing treatment. As Rebecca’s care team worked to make her better, the IWK became her home away from home.

Today, her treatment includes inflammation reducing steroids and an immunosuppressant medication. Her family is hopeful that Rebecca’s condition will improve over the next two years. During that time, she will make regular visits to the IWK – a place that has already become an important part of her life.

Thank you for being champions for the IWK – as we advance health care into the next decade, we need your continued enthusiasm and commitment more than ever.

Read more about Rebecca and other IWK stories in the 2012 Gratitude Report.

Make a gift to the IWK Health Centre Foundation.


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