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Second chances at Extra-Life!

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George Pink from Little Bras D’Or, Nova Scotia, is a  registered participant in Extra-Life, a unique national fundraising initiative from Children’s Miracle Network. 

George Pink

Did you ever want to be that hero you played as in a video game or in that movie? Well like most that almost seems surreal, but after stumbling across Extra-Life’s fundraising event I can now feel like a hero!

It was a typical rainy day for me two weeks ago when I happened to be browsing my xbox and noticed this page. It was called Extra-Life. I checked it out to find out it was a fundraiser that you partake in a gaming marathon to raise money for various children’s hospitals over the globe. I immediately was interested as not only could I enjoy myself playing games, but I could spread some awareness to my fellow community to support this lovely cause and maybe even join in!

It brings me great satisfaction to become a part of something as great as this. I was immediately spreading the word to friends and family to join and I had a few friends who were thrilled to help out. I think that’s when I realized what was happening, it was the beginning of bringing together people to help a great cause and it truly feels amazing!

I chose the IWK Health Centre Foundation as the beneficiary of my fundraising because I’m a Nova Scotia resident with friends and family who have been admitted to this lovely hospital in the past.  It is the least I could do for such a reputable and amazing centre for treatment.

Take a look at the fundraiser and help join in, one level at a time!

Support George as he fundraises for the IWK Health Centre Foundation. To learn more about Extra-Life and other participants supporting the IWK Health Centre Foundation visit www.extra-life.org


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