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IWK marks mental health milestone

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Carla Adams is a Principal Communications Strategist at the IWK Foundation.

Glenna Rose-Williams and Dr. Jerry Grey mark the beginning of construction.

Glenna Rose-Williams and Dr. Jerry Grey mark the beginning of construction.

Here is one way to guarantee lots of smiling faces in an otherwise non-descript construction zone – give them a hammer or crow bar and let them have at it.

It was a monumental moment.  On Monday, February 11th, physicians, staff and a patient took some healthy swings at a wall to ceremoniously mark the construction of a state-of-the-art inpatient mental health unit on the fifth floor of the IWK.

Clinical nurse leader, Glenna Rose-Williams, has worked on the current unit (known as 4 South) for five years.  “I think I’m most excited about the natural light that will be in our new unit. It will be a bright, happy feeling space.”

Generous donors are funding the new unit, set for completion about a year from now.  In September, Myron and Berna Garron contributed $10 million to the IWK – $5 million of which is earmarked for mental health.  In October, RBC also donated $500,000 to the new unit.

Dr. Jerry Grey, head of psychiatry for the inpatient mental health unit, hopes that the new and improved environment for mental health patients will bring better outcomes and reduce stigma.

“We’re very excited about this new unit. We feel very strongly that it will have a very positive influence in changing families’ and children as well as other physicians’ attitudes and perceptions of our patients.”

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project – a real dream come true for the IWK.

Make a gift to the IWK Health Centre Foundation. 


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