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Dave Gunning visits IWK Patients.


Carla Adams is a Principal Communications Strategist at the IWK Health Centre Foundation

Dave Gunning clowning around with Buddington.

Dave Gunning clowning around with Buddington.

Yesterday was a very special day. IWK patients, families and staff were treated to a very unique visit and performance by the one and only Nova Scotia musician, Dave Gunning! I had the honour of showing Dave around to the various areas of the hospital. Watching him interact with patients was incredible.

As we strolled the halls, it quickly became apparent just how much the IWK means to this musician. Children love music, and it’s amazing how just by singing a few lines, Dave was really able to connect with these little people who have been through so much.

A behind the scenes moment between Dave and a patient.

A behind the scenes moment between Dave and a patient.

We were there to record a video for his new song “These Hands” which has been nominated for an East Coast Music Award. Time after time, Dave played his song graciously for patients, families and staff. Each time in a new location. Each time in a different context. Each time, I was moved by the smiles that were formed on the faces of even the most timid patients.

We are proud to call Dave a long time supporter of the IWK Foundation, and are very thankful for support.

Make a gift to the IWK Foundation. Support the IWK Foundation by purchasing a copy of Dave Gunning’s new book “These Hands”, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the IWK.



On Saturday, June 1, 2013, we debuted “These Hands” on our 29th Annual Telethon for Children on CTV! Hope you enjoy the video.


3 thoughts on “Dave Gunning visits IWK Patients.

  1. that’s our Dave~~~~ I know I’m being presumptious but I feel that way….:)

  2. when is the video he did at the iwk going to be released

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