Spirit of Giving

I am so thankful for the generous people in our life

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We are often asked about the different ways that individuals can support the IWK Foundation. Tribute giving offers a unique way to mark a special occasion and honour someone who has touched your life.

Tribute gifts are a great way of giving back.

Bella Mae celebrating her 1st birthday.

Jessica and Steve Reeves of Freetown, Prince Edward Island, were looking for a special way to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday.

“The IWK has played such a big role in our lives. Our daughter, Bella Mae, was born at the IWK 10 weeks early – weighing only 2lbs 5 ounces. Setting up a tribute gift was a really easy way to give back to a place that holds such a special place in our heart.”

Instead of birthday gifts, they set up a donation jar where friends and family could make a gift to the IWK, if they wished.

“I am so thankful for the generous people in our life. I’m excited to say that we were able to raise about $300 for the IWK!”

Thank you Jessica and Steve for your support, and Happy Belated Birthday Bella Mae!

Learn more about Tribute gifts for the IWK Foundation. 


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