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Music has the power to soothe and heal.

MoeMusic has the power to soothe and heal. For many individuals, music helps them cope with difficult situations and can often provide an outlet for stress and discomfort. The Music Therapy program as part of the IWK Child Life Program, uses music as the main avenue for working of health care and quality of life goals with patients and their families. Music therapy sessions involve music making, listening to music, and finding creative ways to incorporate music into a patient’s healing process – often without the patient or family having a musical background.

Studies have shown that through musical therapy patients’ stress levels are reduced, sensory and cognitive skills are developed, and there is an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Thanks to the support of organizations like Long & McQuade, patients and families at the IWK have benefitted first hand from Darrel Cameron, the IWK Health Centre’s Music Therapist Accredited (MTA)”.

“We have truly enjoyed the music therapy with Darrel,” says dad Moe, whose son Andrew is currently being treated as an inpatient. Together, Darrel, Andrew and his dad often “jam” with Darrel and dad on the guitar and Andrew on a small drum or simulated drum kit.

“Andrew has several musical instruments at home and loves many types of music,” said dad. “This was very exciting and therapeutic for our son along with the rest of the family. Along with Darrel, we also wrote a song with several other family members which I truly found was a turning point for Andrew, as he got his joy back. Music therapy is a very worthwhile component of our son’s healing.”

Long & McQuade also believes in the power of music. Until Dec 31, Maritimers can donate $1 to the IWK through Long & McQuade’s website and receive a $5 rental coupon in return.

Your support will go a long way to help patients and families at the IWK.