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Making a change in the world

Shanyn, Maddy, Jessica, and Luna

Shanyn, Maddy, Jessica, and Luna

At the beginning of the school year we got our class outline. On it, our expectations and our teacher’s goal for this semester was for us to do something to change something in the world, whether it was big or small.  A couple of us got together and figured out a great cause we wanted to help.  I loved the idea of the IWK, it was so important in our community and they saved two of our group member’s lives.  Neither of us would have been here if it weren’t for their help!  We had a goal of $500 to raise for them.  We wanted to make sure that the IWK would always be there to help children like us.  In our school, in the community of Liverpool, on October 24th, we had a bake sale. Altogether we raised $125 for that day and scheduled a bottle drive for the 2nd and 3rd of November.  In the freezing cold we managed to raise $380 which was just enough to reach our goal.  We were so glad to be able to give them $505 towards the kids that needed our help.  We drove into the IWK one day and did the cheque presentation.  The girl that assisted us from the start was very helpful, and I am glad that we chose this charity.

We had a great journey with the IWK and loved every step of the way.

Shanyn, Maddy, Jessica, and Luna

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Book bags and Beyond: Back to School with Safety in Mind

Another summer has passed, but don’t let back-to-school safety slide by like the last few warm and wonderful days of summer! Here are a few refresher tips to help your child have a safe and healthy start to a great school year brought to you by the IWK Child Safety Link.

The Book bag

When you add up the weight of books, school supplies, gym clothes, lunch bag, sneakers, various pieces of art, birthday invitations, random show and tell items…you can end up with one hefty backpack! Although children have more youthful and limber bodies, they can still be susceptible to physical injuries from carrying too much weight. When packing your child’s book bag, make sure it weighs no more than 10% of their body weight.  Heavy items like textbooks should be packed close to your child’s body, and he/she should wear both shoulder straps of the book bag, to carry the weight evenly.

The Lunch

Tuna sandwiches, cheese strings, fruit and pudding cups are welcome additions to your child’s lunch bag…salmonella and e-coli are not! When making school lunches, make sure to wash your hands, cooking tools and food surfaces often with warm soapy water. Do not use meat, eggs, dairy products or mayo in lunches if the food can’t be kept cold with a freezer pack. Remind your child to wash his/her hands before diving into the food. If you think little Johnny might forget to do this, pack him a hand wipe.

The Commute

What great news that the speed limits in school zones in Nova Scotia have been reduced this year! But there are still many pedestrian safety tips to keep in mind. Teach children who are walking to school to look left, right, then left again before crossing the street. Children under age 9 should not walk to school without the help of an older child or an adult.  Consider organizing a “walking school bus” in your neighbourhood, where a group of children walk with adults along a pre-determined route. Children over age 9 should walk facing traffic, in groups if possible, and use sidewalks or stay far to the shoulder of the road when walking to school. Children who ride bikes to school should wear a properly fitting helmet.

The Playground

Falls are the most common cause of playground injuries. Injuries happen most often on the playground in September, when children are just starting or returning to school. Wherever Little Suzie is at a playground, make sure that the material under the play structure is soft sand or pea gravel, rubber or wood chips—grass is not considered cushiony enough to prevent injuries. Let your child know to keep things like skipping ropes and pet leashes away from play equipment, and make sure long scarves and drawstrings are removed from her clothing before she goes on the equipment. Teach your child never to jump from a moving swing, and to only go “down” and not “up” the slide. If you see any unsafe conditions or behavior on a playground, it is important to contact the owner/operator of the playground.

For more information on these and other children’s injury prevention topics, and to download our wide range of new educational resources, visit www.childssafetylink.ca or call us at 1-866-288-1388. We wish you a fun, safe and healthy school year!