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We dance for the kids.

Dance Marathon is a movement involving university and high school students at more than 300 schools across the North America, all raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in their community. On April 3, 2014, Sackville High is hosting the very first Dance Marathon to ever take place in the Maritime region.

Dance MarathonHere at Sackville High, along with close to 14 additional schools throughout Halifax Regional Municipality, Dance Marathon hype is getting ELECTRIC! So far, we’ve raised almost $6,000 dollars and have nearly 500 students ready to get their dancing shoes on and boogie for the IWK!

When I first looked out over the sea of 20 faces at our very first Dance Marathon committee meeting, I never could have envisioned just how much the initial excitement and commitment would blossom. Nor could I have imagined   just how much love, support and passion would be put into making this event a marvelous reality. As of now, our planning committee has approximately 75 students, all of which are 110% ready to make magic happen April 3rd.

Never before has such joy, love, and unity flowed through the halls of Sackville High. We are absolutely thrilled with how much giving back has positively impacted our school community and how great it makes us feel. We’d like to thank Children’s Miracle Network for bringing us the opportunity of hosting a Dance Marathon. Special thanks go out to all of our sponsors who contributed puzzle pieces of support for our special mosaic.

To all of the lovely and compassionate donors, and the phenomenally inspired students and staff, without you this day wouldn’t be possible. Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to give a HUGE thank you to the IWK for welcoming us into your hearts. We are proud to support an institution that has given countless levels of support to so many of us through the years.

On Thursday, April 3rd we dance for the kids and we dance for the IWK.  

Rebecca Butler, Students’ Council Co-President & SHS Dance Marathon Co-Chair

Support the Sackville High Dance Marathon for the IWK

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There is strength in numbers.

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time to share another special letter that we’ve received at the IWK Health Centre Foundation. Today’s letter is from Ardell Hawley.

Grade 6 class at Bayview Education Centre

As an educational professional, you can’t help but reminisce about all of the special moments that you’ve had teaching over the years. As this school year came to an end, I found myself thinking about how very special this past year has been. Every class that I teach is unique, and although I care about each and every student that I’ve taught, this year’s Grade 6 students at Bayview Education Centre in Port Hood, Cape Breton will always have a special place in my heart.

This year, my wife and I became first time parents of twins. However, the journey to delivery wasn’t an easy one. We’d just finished spending 114 days in the IWK while my wife fought to hold on to our unborn babies. To say she exceeded the doctor’s expectations would be an understatement. When we were left with no options and my wife at only 20 weeks pregnant, we decided to try a procedure that had never worked before for twins, as a last resort. Thanks to the remarkable health care providers at the IWK, we were able to take home our two beautiful and healthy twins Ashton and Madelyn.

They say that there is strength in numbers, a phrase that’ll always ring true with me. We received overwhelming support from our entire, tiny village. The generosity of our friends, family and neighbours was astonishing. But, it was the support that I received from the 11 and 12 year old children in my class that kept me going. One of the young boys had a calendar at home, and would mark off each day my wife made it before he went to bed at night. Each day, two other young girls got off the bus at a seamstress shop to take sewing lessons. Imagine the emotion I felt when they came to school with the most beautiful two quilts that I have ever seen, for our twins.

However, my class wanted to do more! To show their gratitude, they wanted to do something special for the IWK, and began a series of fundraisers. After just the first week, they raised over $500! On June 3, 2012 I’m privileged to say that we made a donation of $1,550 to the IWK Health Centre Foundation during the 28th Annual Telethon for Children on CTV.

I’m deeply moved, but not surprised by their generosity. I know that their philanthropic nature will continue for years to come.

Thank you Ardell for taking the time to share your story with us, and thank you to the students at Bayview Education Centre for your support!

We love to receive letters from our IWK patients and families. We take the time to read each and every one. Email us at foundationmail@iwk.nshealth.ca to share your story.

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Welcome university students

As anyone who lives in a university town knows, the students are back in town. And the IWK Foundation staff is glad to see them back. This article that appeared in the Dalhousie University Residence News last spring, and is posted here as a way to thank the students for what they have done to support the IWK Health Centre, and welcome new students at local universities throughout the Maritimes and show them what is possible. And to let everyone else know that we’re in good hands with the upcoming generations.

“Yup. It was another BIG night at the IWK Telethon!

As you all likely know, the IWK [Health Centre] is the charity our Residence Community chooses to support each year with the ever- popular Residence Charity Face-Off (RCFO) hockey game (featuring The BigHorns vs The Trojans).

Dalhousie Residence Charity Face-off 2010

Well: once again this year, even more residents from all over campus got involved in the 5th annual Residence Charity Face-Off.

As a result the fundraising got taken to even greater heights. Crazy heights! [Think of it this way: If the RCFO were a building, if would be a development that was once a vacant lot but was then initially developed into a ten-storey building; the following year that ten- storey building would have been converted to a twenty-storey building More recently, just this past year in fact, that twenty-storey building would have been further renovated and remodeled into a building that is currently well over twenty storeys tall. But we digress, however metaphorically.]

Anyhow: believe it or not, this year at the IWK Telethon that took place at the start of June, we were able to write and present a giant cheque in the amount of … (wait for it, wait for it) … $25,000!!! That’s a $5000 increase from last year; we’ve become a MAJOR fundraiser for this GREAT cause!

In fact, if you do the math, it means that over the past three years, The Dalhousie Residence Community – through The Residence Charity Face-Off – has raised $65,000 for the IWK.


ln any case, as a part of our donation, residence community members who have helped out with the event get to make an appearance at the IWK Telethon to make the cheque presentation. The GIANT cheque presentation. The presentation of a GIANT CHEQUE!

Our student reps for the Telethon this year were Joe Garnett (Trojans), Dustin MacDona]d (Trojans), Terry Nabuurs (BigHorns), and the DSU’s incoming VP – Student Life, Hannah Dahn (aIso a BigHorn alum).

Given the incredible amount that was raised, our entourage (Carla, wee Ben, Lyndsay, Matt, and the aforementioned presenters – or ’on-screen tatent’ as they’re known in the business) were ushered (by SCS’s own Heather Sutherland, wearing her IWK Foundation hat) to the swanky “Corporate Green Room” to wait for our on-air time slot. We’d hit the big time. There were snacks and refreshments; there was pithy pre-air chitchat. There were two-bite brownies and real Tim Horton’s coffee. And we weren’t even in a Tim Horton’s!

And then it was time. Giant cheque time. $25,000 time. Show time. Business time.

During their actual on-air time slot, all of our intrepid presenters – jauntily clad in the proud colours of their respective teams (ie. hockey jerseys) – braved nerves, blazing hot stage lights, the probingly expectant stares of the studio telephone-banked legions, and even roundabout chatter with the one and only Bruce Frisko (who had, by the way, made a point of smiling and waving at both Carla and Lyndsay as they stood shadowed off-camera), as the big presentation was made. It was television magic.

Yup: IWK Telethon night was fantastic!

And $25,000 is, quite frankly, a ridiculous and amazing amount of money to raise as a community. It’s a reason to be proud.

Next year {This year} will be our 6th annual RCFO game. We hope each and every one of you get involved and help support this amazing cause! We have some great prize raffles and fundraising ideas already in the works (think: more WestJet passes, among other things), and we can’t wait to harness all that amazing charitable energy we know you’ll bring to campus in the Fall!”